Here is an opportunity to give God the glory due His Name.
If the Lord has brought you closer to His heart, healed or restored you in some way, or given you food for the journey–either at a concert or from listening to one of the Cds, please make it known.

Contact me at tina@eyesoffaith.com and in one or two paragraphs, tell me of your experience. You may see your testimony on the web site in the near future.

“A friend of mine who knew Tina, recommended that we invite her to minister at our coffeehouse. They said she has an anointed ministry. That was the understatement of the year. I called Tina for the first time and after speaking with her was moved by how sweet she was on the phone. When I met her in person, I could not believe it, she is even sweeter in person. It didn’t seem possible.

Her faith is so genuine, that as she ministers she leads you to see how much she loves God. But more than that, she leads you to see how much God loves us. Her music is incredible, her voice amazing, but it is her passion that draws you in, and leads you to a desire to draw closer to our amazing King.

Tina is one of the most precious people I have ever met. Her passion and love for God, come through the music, testimonies and just speaking with her. The Holy Spirit clearly works through her in a mighty way. You can’t listen to her minister without a deep longing to know more of God’s love.

Keep it up my precious sister. Thank you.”

Paul R.

“How do you describe the indescribable when worship expresses the inexpressible? Tina brings us to the place where we are able to say along with Mary, “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior”. (Luke 1:46)

We long to hear God’s voice. Praise God he has spoken to us through his Word, sharing his thoughts with us, through the inner witness of the Holy Spirit, and in such creative ways as through nature, and through his servants.

Tina is a servant of the Living God. His glory rests on her, and in His presence we are fed and ministered to. Do you desire to experience God? Draw near to him. Don’t neglect meeting together, for there his will is made known among us. His will for us as a body, and His will for you as His child.

I thank God for the healing and the message he brings through Tina. Wherever the Lord calls Tina to minister, come and hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

– Donna Nickerson and the ladies of Alton Bay Christian Conference Center

“Can I just say THANK YOU—AGAIN
Don’t get me wrong, you’re not gonna take the country/blue grass out of this girl but… Tina Luce GETS IT!!! Boy, if you really listen to her words as she sings—she gets right to the heart of the matter!!! She had me in tears, AGAIN, on the way in to work this AM! WOW—she’s got a fan in me! Can you say “groupie”!”

– Michele

“I first heard Tina sing at this summer’s United Methodist Conference at Gordon College in Massachusetts. The power of her words, the power of her voice moved me to tears. I purchased one of her CD’s and I have played it continuously since that day. Whenever I hear her sing, I am filled with the Holy Spirit. In her song, “Eyes of Faith”, Tina sings that “joy runs like a river through my Soul.”
That is what I experience when I listen to her music….the JOY of Jesus in my life. Tina’s faith is moving me daily toward the person I know Jesus wants me
to be. I cannot say enough about her; she is truly a blessing from God.”

– Pat

“Tina Luce is more than just a gifted musician and worship leader.
She has an incredible heart for God. She was our Spiritual Emphasis Week speaker at Lexington Christian Academy. She not only touched the hearts of students and faculty alike, but brought us closer to the heart of God.”
Rev. E. Emery
Lexington Christian Academy Lexington, Mass.

“I had been in a back brace on and off for the last 4 1/2 years. Currently I had been in it for about 3 months when I found myself at Tina’s concert so engrossed by the beautiful music, singing and feeling the Lords presence all around. In the middle of the concert I heard the Lord speak to me to “take the brace off”. I thought this was a crazy thought I was having, but again the Lord told me to “take the brace off.” Since it was under my clothes, I waited until I got home that night and said, “OK Lord, I’m trusting in You and listening to You” and took the brace off and have not had it on since!
Whenever I sit and listen to Tina in concert or one of her CD’s, I can just feel the presence of the Lord all around and His healing power.”
V. Dixon

“Dear friends in Christ, Tina Luce has ministered in my parish with such an anointing that cannot be forgotten. Everyone, young and old alike, were blessed by her ministry.
She is truly in love with and in tune with the Lord. Her music stirred the people to a deeper level of worship than they previously knew. Tina does not minister for the sake of show … or entertainment … but to stir the high praises of God within the people and allow the Holy Spirit to bring the people into a deeper relationship with God. She also ministered in prayer over the people and many still talk about the profound effect that had upon them. Tina is a woman in love with Christ. We are very anxious to have her come to minister again in our parish. I highly recommend her ministry to any church that is seeking a deeper experience of worship.”
Fr. Bernard Andracchio Christ the King Charismatic Episcopal Church 465 Main St. Tullytown, Pa. 1900

“Tina, I don’t have the words to thank you for such a wonderful album!!!
It was again a healing gift to me. It was powerful, beyond excellent!! Thank you for continuing to work hard with what the Lord gives you and for sharing it with people like me. I am so grateful.
I do treasure both of your albums and the work that you have put into them.”

“I was Blessed to be at Pinecrest while Tina was there. This is my third CD, as I have given two of them away. I have been Blessed and in the presence of God while listening to Tina pour her heart and soul into these words of worship to our heavenly Father. Tina you have been an encouragement beyond words. I am grateful and thank you! I Praise God for you!!”
– Starr

“This past week at Asbury Grove has stretched me in such a way that I hope I will not return to my previous state. Tina Luce of “Eyes of Faith Ministries” and Penny Smith, author of “Gateways to Growth and Maturity” have opened themselves to be used by God in a way I’ve never experienced before. They conducted the bible study and musical worship in true spontaneous spirit led fashion and they have shown us a gateway to a closer walk with God. May we cherish the blessings they’ve given us and reciprocate by supporting their ministries and continually lifting them up in prayer. I will tell you that after meeting these two beautiful and humble women of God, I will never be the same. I love these people and we would do well to have them back at the Grove in the future.”

Dave T.

What is friendship? Friendship is the equivalent of love plus loyalty, it’s unconditional. Friendship is not simply a “relationship”, knowing someone, conversing with that person, or dealing with that person. True friendship is not just a “relationship”, but self-sacrificing love. A TRUE friend is also one who supports you in your time of need, and gives you words of wisdom, encouragement and laughter. Tina is “A True Friend” in deed. She is someone that has inspired me with her music, ministry, prayer, friendship, and the way I see the world today. Tina’s music is a way to your soul. Her music is what feelings sound like through one’s heart. “Play as if you’ll live forever, sing as if you’ll die today.” I have never met someone that is so full of life. When I am around Tina, I feel honored to be with someone inspirational, and heart warming. If I had to describe Tina Luce, I would say “Lightness that lies inside ones soul.” I thank Tina for coming to the Grove, Ministering through music, and continuing her works through the church. I love you Tina!!

Natalie N .

I have never experienced this type of service and was amazed that one person could hold the attention of all who attended in her hands. I must admit it was very moving and felt that all who were there walked away feeling that they had just been walking with God that week. Just her singing alone could make you feel that you are among angels. Deeply touched.

My heart is so full of gratitude for your willingness to serve as our retreat leader this year. I am not sure I can even put into words the impact of your ministry. Your gentle spirit and powerful leadership all woven with incredible music ministry and deeply moving words were a witness to the mightiness of God,
his love, and grace. You may consider yourself “just a piano player,” but you have the “keys” to the
Kingdom. I am sitting hear listening to Gateways and cannot wait for the Turtle Song to
come on ….
Blessings upon you.