July 19, 2019
“A friend of mine who knew Tina, recommended that we invite her to minister at our coffeehouse. They said she has an anointed ministry. That was the understatement of the year. I called Tina for the first time and after speaking with her was moved by how sweet she was on the phone. When I met her in person, I could not believe it, she is even sweeter in person. It didn’t seem possible.

Her faith is so genuine, that as she ministers she leads you to see how much she loves God. But more than that, she leads you to see how much God loves us. Her music is incredible, her voice amazing, but it is her passion that draws you in, and leads you to a desire to draw closer to our amazing King.

Tina is one of the most precious people I have ever met. Her passion and love for God, come through the music, testimonies and just speaking
with her. The Holy Spirit clearly works through her in a mighty way. You can’t listen to her minister without a deep longing to know more
of God’s love.

Keep it up my precious sister. Thank you.”

Paul R.

April 29, 2019

“I give a wholehearted endorsement of the ministry of my friend and fellow minister Tina Luce of Eyes of Faith Ministry. I have known Tina for well over 10 years now and even though many would see her as having a handicap she puts her whole being into everything she does for the Lord and those she serves She has a passion for worship and ministering the word and ministering one on one with people who need it. Invite her you won’t regret it.”
John McDonald Kingdom Apostolic Network

January 14, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

Tina Luce is one of the most sensitive, faithful, virtuous, compassionate, Holy Spirit-led worship leaders I’ve ever ministered with in forty years of ministry. She is so in tune with the Spirit that she deeply and compassionately moves every congregation into God’s holy presence. She is especially skilled for prophetically singing over the leadership – Bishop, District Superintendent, Clergy, and Conference & Workshop Leaders.

The Order of St. Luke consistently request her for their healing ministry. In Salem, she has taken some of the roughest, most untrained singers, and draws together a Praise Team that prayerfully follows her excellent leadership. She leads worship with warmth and heart – she opens the curtain into God’s Holy of Holies and allows others to enter in too. Extraordinary and magnificent barely describe her leadership skills; superb and humble mingle like the oil of anointing.

Tina has skills and talents in multiple styles of music. In addition to her classically trained soprano voice she is an accomplished pianist and accompanist. She sings in five languages and is as accomplished in classical music as she is in contemporary music, and is as gifted in gospel music as she is in traditional hymnody. Her versatility is always needed as she adapts to the ever – changing members of the Praise Team and the nuances of worship. She transposes effortlessly to accommodate the needs of other performers and memorizes all her music creating a seemingly effortless interplay between the piano and singers.

Tina’s gifting manifests itself in worship as the Holy Spirit leads in her choice of message and songs. She will sometimes stop and wait for the change directed by the Holy Spirit in worship and bridges with songs composed spontaneously. Her greatest gift comes in her singing prophetically. Tina puts into words the prophecy God gives her for leaders, the church, individuals, and the holy worship of God in Christ.

Bishops, District Superintendents, Clergy and Workshop Leaders will all echo my commendation that her prophetic singing touches the heart of God and the heart of those receiving her ministry. Every worship experience is fresh, poignant, scriptural, and surrounds the worshiper with His Holy Presence.

As her Pastor for ten years, I have to say I’ve never experienced such a gifted worship leader – everyone loves her virtuous, holy humble entrance into God’s Throne of Grace.
In Christ’s Service,

Rev. G. Kenneth Steigler