Letter from Tina

Welcome to the Eyes of Faith web site. So glad you stopped by.I’m Tina Luce, and by way of introduction, I’d really like to share with you my heart, but first, a few details about my experience. I’ve served as worship leader at the Wesley UMC in Salem, MA since 1997. Before that I taught classroom music, and have also worked as a music therapist. I have been totally blind from birth, and much of this background information is included in the biographical information on this site. Actually, in spite of any limitations, the Word of God continues to be my bedrock. The Lord’s faithfulness never fails.For example, whether I’m called upon to minister at a conference or retreat, a church, school, or seminar; and whether to minister in music or to speak, I’m continually amazed by the creativity of God. He responds to the heart cry of those who hunger for something more; or are perhaps discouraged, and battling

brokenness in some area of their lives.The Lord is always faithful to meet people where they are, and to touch them at their place of need. He speaks His love and grace into hearts, and lifts their sights. He renews hope and strengthens us together in our ability to trust His goodness. As for me, my job is to get out of the way and watch Him work, that our God may receive all the glory.If you are still wondering what it is that I do, you are not alone. In my reflections, I’ve not been able to clearly define my role, other than to emphasize my passion for worship. It is worship that ushers us into the manifest presence of God; and when that happens, hearts are healed and needs are met.I have a heart for the brokenness within the lives of believers, and especially within the leadership of our churches. As I open that alabaster jar of my soul, and pour out a love offering over the feet of my Lord Jesus Christ, He causes me to share songs and stories from my heart. Somehow, they hit the mark, and lives are changed in His presence.I must admit that I don’t have all the right moves, the glitz or the glamour. I don’t have the name, the big-time press agent or the tour band. What I do have, however, is a love and passion for worship, and a mandate from heaven to lift the hearts of His people – that we will experience His matchless love and grace together.If any of this resonates with your spirit and you’d like to schedule a concert, retreat or worship event, please feel free to contact me. Until then, may our Lord bless and keep you.

In His Love,