“I cannot imagine a more powerful or compassionate person to confide in and pray with. Tina has listened to so many of my difficulties, my lack of confidence, my shame and feelings of inadequacy, the chronic depression…and through it all, she gives me the consistent message that God created me and loves me, no matter what. It is hard to describe in words the times of prayer I have had with her. One day, it was as if God had blown away the anger and self-condemnation, making even the air new and fresh and crisp. Another time, as she prayed, He gave me the vision of a dirty coat falling from my shoulders as I stepped out of it and stepped up toward Him. Yet another time, there was an infilling of His Holy Spirit that swept all my fear away, as if He were sweeping my life clean and leaving only room for Him. Through her wise counsel and prayer, I have been brought to His throne and been healed in so many ways.”


“Tina is an outstanding prayer counselor that I have had the honor of working with for 16 years while Pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church, Salem, MA. My training in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, ThM, did not include the depth of understanding Tina exhibits while ministering to both men and women from the Word.

I sat in with Tina on many occasions while she listened in depth, insightfully using the Word with wisdom and guiding in prayer the many persons asking her for prayer counsel. She could comprehend the hidden blocks or multiple disorders quickly and precisely. Her counsel was always with integrity, honesty and clarity. Her prayers always revealed her spiritual depth, study and prayerful preparation.

I highly recommend Tina’s Biblically sound prayer counseling.”

Rev Kenneth Steigler, STM & ThM.

I have had the great privilege of receiving prayer counsel from Tina on several occasions. I have been very blessed by this counsel. I find the counsel is right on target, scriptural, and full of God’s wisdom. I have experienced the presence of The Lord which has been comforting and has ushered in peace. I always come away with a plan of action or direction from The Lord. I highly recommend the prayer counsel of Tina Luce.