A Handful of Purpose

Spring 2013

Lessons from Nola

Nola and Tina spent a week with me (and my canine kids) in April. They had not been here since I had returned from a missionary trip to Kenya. It was such a thrill to watch Tina walking the country road near the Park where I live. I must admit the thrill is sometimes mingled with trepidation. Nola and Tina walk so fast when they are working together that I don’t even try to keep up with them.
While she was here, Tina spoke at a Ladies’ Brunch. On the way home, Tina asked to be dropped off at the Bridge on Cliff Road (in Grantville, PA) so she could work Nola the rest of the way home. They were jogging along when a truck approached, and Nola guided Tina off the road to wait for the truck to pass. Instead the driver pulled up beside them. Thrilled by watching the team work together, he exclaimed, “How wonderful! That is so wonderful!”
Tina replied, “This is the real deal, you know. She is not being trained, she is working.”
“I know,” the neighbor responded. “That is so wonderful.”
Have you any idea what freedom these precious guide dogs give to their partners, and how they too become “eyes of faith” on a darkened path? Nola is one among others with which Tina has worked. They were all very special teams, and Nola is no exception. In fact, she excels in her eagerness to please.
While you are on this website, I trust you have taken time to listen to a sampling of the music featured here. If at all possible, plan to attend an event where Tina ministers. You will be lifted into the presence of God.

Now, go worship.